Sunex Homes FAQ

  • Are you licensed and insured?

    Sunex Homes is a fully insured and licensed contactor who has been serving Calgary for the past 20 years. We are members of the Better Business Bureau in good standing for the past 10 years. When it is time to renovate your home or add an additional space choose a contractor who is fully insured and licensed to perform the work.

  • Do you have references available?

    Sunex Homes has been in the contracting business for over 20 years. During that time we have developed an extensive portfolio of home renovation projects that we’d like to share with you. References are available upon request

  • Are building permits and inspections my responsibility?

    Permits are only required for electrical, plumbing and movement of gas lines. Cosmetic work in itself does not require permits. We are experienced with building permits and inspections. Sunex Homes will manage this aspect of your renovation as part of the services that we offer you.

  • Do you get repeat or referred customers?

    Yes. Not only do our previous customers come to us for future home renovation projects but they also refer many of our new clients.

  • What is the process for making payment on my home renovation?

    An initial deposit of 10% is required for materials in order to commence your home renovation. Subsequent payments are required based on completion of your renovation project in stages. There are no hidden surprises. The stages and associated costs are clearly identified in your contract.

  • What can I expect during the renovation process?

    With Sunex Home you can expect to remain an integral part of the home renovation process. We’ll meet you on a regular basis to keep you updated on the progress of your project. It’s through this process of regular and open communication that you will remain updated on the various stages of development. We’ll do our best to minimally disrupt your lifestyle.

  • What should I consider when beginning my renovation or home addition?

    There are many factors that influence the planning of your home renovation or addition. These include taking advantage of the pre existing space, plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling and ventilation needs, connecting spaces together to create a seamless flow and natural lighting and views. Sunex Homes will help you to design the perfect space based on your current home layout, budget and desire.

  • When can you start my renovation project?

    We’ll consider the project and the manpower that is needed to complete the project before giving you a projected start date. That way we are able to guarantee your home renovation will be completed within the specified time frame.

  • How long will it take to complete my home renovation project?

    Each home renovation project is different and could take anywhere from several weeks to several months depending upon the size of the remodel. At Sunex Homes we will provide you with an estimated time for completion. Please remember that since all projects are unique unforeseen problems may arise and this may impact the final completion date of your home renovation.

  • How much will my home renovation cost?

    Different types of home renovations are associated with different cost ranges. At Sunex Homes we will meet with you to discuss your vision for your renovated space. We’ll assess your home and determine the scope of the project, materials chosen, and manpower required to turn your vision into reality. We’ll do our best to provide you with an accurate projected cost.

  • What is the resale value of my home renovation?

    Undoubtedly home renovations increase the value of your home. Kitchen and bathroom renovations produce the highest return for your dollar. But other aesthetic renovations including outdoor living spaces, painting, flooring and light fixtures can also increase the resale value of your home.