Kitchen Renovations - Calgary

The kitchen is the most versatile and used room in your home. It’s where your family comes together for meals; it’s where you read the morning paper while having your coffee. It’s the room where your children do their homework and the space where you entertain family and friends. It’s also the room that when renovated can provide a return of up to 70%.

Custom remodeled kitchens require extensive attention to detail and planning. Sunex Homes will accompany you through every step of the remodel. We’ll find out what is most important for you and your family. During the consultation phase we will learn about your vision and talk about all the options available to you in terms of flooring, lighting, cabinets and other aesthetic features.

Kitchen Renovation by Sunex Homes

The kitchen was completed gutted before the renovation of the kitchen began

This older bungalow (in Glendale) has been transformed with a more modern and functional kitchen space after the renovation

Why Choose Sunex Homes for your Kitchen Renovation

Sunex Homes has been servicing Calgary with over 20 years of kitchen renovations. It’s that knowledge and experience that make us your number one choice in kitchen renovation. Our kitchen renovations can take your vision and turn your kitchen into the room of your dreams. At Sunex Homes we will take care of you.

We guarantee:

Kitchen Renovations starting at $10,000